Applying for Disability in Las Vegas, NV

Roeschke Law, LLC regularly assists disabled individuals throughout Las Vegas, Nevada with applying for Social Security disability benefits. While these vital public benefits are available to those who are unable to work due to a medical impairment, the majority of initial benefits claims are denied. Our disability lawyers have the skills and experience to help you obtain the disability benefits you deserve.

Despite the challenges of applying for disability benefits — the process is complicated and confusing and the application must be supported by medical evidence — working with a disability lawyer increases the likelihood of having your claim approved. When you consult with us, we will help you navigate the federal bureaucracy, handle all the details of your benefits claim, and eliminate the stress from the process.

Because we understand the medical and financial burdens facing you, your initial consultation with us will be free, and you will not pay any attorneys’ fees until we win disability benefits for you. The sooner you contact Disability Attorneys of Las Vegas, the sooner we can get started on your claim.

How do I apply for disability benefits in Las Vegas?

The disability claims process starts with filing an application in the Las Vegas Social Security Administration field office, by mail, online or in person. The application must include basic personal information, such as:

  • Social Security number
  • Birth certificate
  • Doctors’ names
  • Prescription medications
  • Work history

In addition, you must complete questionnaires about your educational background, work experience, and the limits imposed on your daily activities by your impairment. Finally, your doctor must provide medical evidence demonstrating that you have a qualifying medical impairment according to the SSA’s guidelines.

In any event, the application must be accurate and thorough: mistakes and omissions will lead to your benefits claim being denied. When you work with Disability Attorneys of Las Vegas, you can rest assured that your application for disability benefits will be handled expediently and professionally.

How is a disability claim evaluated?

Once your application for disability benefits is submitted, a disability examiner will initially review your claim based on certain “technical” criteria. If you are seeking benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, for example, you must have earned enough work credits, which is determined by your work history. To qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, you must be able to demonstrate financial need. If you meet the eligibility requirements under either program, your claim will be sent for review by Disability Determination Services.

How Disability Determination Services Reviews a Benefits Claim in Las Vegas

Disability Determination Services (DDS) reviews your claim by looking to the medical records. In particular, DDS will determine whether you can perform the same type of work you did before you became disabled. If not, DDS will consider whether you can be retrained for some other type of work.

At this stage, DDS will rely on the SSA list of qualifying impairments known as the Blue Book and additional guidelines for applying the list. However, DDS will likely require an additional medical opinion from an independent doctor. Therefore, you will be required to undergo a consultative exam; however, this exam indicates the status of your impairment at that time, not the ongoing status of your disability. In some cases, symptoms can fluctuate, and the CE may not indicate the severity of your condition.

This is why it is critically important to have a convincing medical record. At Roeschke Law, LLC, our legal team will collaborate with your doctors to create a record of all relevant medical data that substantiates your benefits claim (e.g. exam notes, lab tests, radiological exams, surgical history, rehabilitative care).

If your claim is approved, the SSA will notify you in writing of your monthly benefit amount and the date on which monthly payments will start. Given that benefit claims often take 6 months or longer to process, benefits may be awarded retroactively. If your claim is denied, on the other hand, you will be notified of your right to a disability appeal.

At Disability Attorneys of Las Vegas, we are highly experienced with handling disability appeals, including representing clients in disability hearings. We have a proven history of achieving successful outcomes in disability appeals and helping our clients obtain the benefits they need and deserve.

Contact Our Experienced Las Vegas Disability Lawyers

At Roeschke Law, LLC, we understand the medical and financial challenges disabled individuals and their families face. Our experienced disability lawyers have a well-earned reputation as dedicated advocates of the disabled. When you become our client, you will have peace of mind, knowing that we will stand by you at all times.

Over our many years of practice, we have established working relationships with disability examiners who recognize that we only represent individuals with legitimate claims; this understanding can help to facilitate the claims process. Above all, you can trust us to provide you with informed representation and caring, efficient service. Please contact our office today to speak with our capable Las Vegas disability lawyers.