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The process of submitting a claim for Social Security benefits is complicated. In addition to submitting work history and medical records, an applicant must submit a letter of support from his or her doctor. Doctor’s letters go a long way toward helping applicants qualify for Social Security benefits, particularly during the appeals process. A doctor’s letter is a crucial way in which a claims examiner develops a better understanding of the applicant’s medical condition and how it impacts his or her ability to maintain gainful employment.

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What Should Be Included in a Doctor’s Letter

 A doctor’s letter needs to provide specific, detailed information about your medical condition or disability. A doctor merely stating that you cannot work due to a disability isn’t enough to help you obtain Social Security benefits. Submitting a letter that only refers to your condition generally could hinder your disability claim. When written correctly, a doctor’s letter will help support all of the other medical information you’ve included in your application.

The main goal of a doctor’s letter is to summarize how your medical condition affects your daily life and ability to work in an easy-to-understand way. A doctor’s letter supports all of the detailed information found in your medical records. It gives the doctor a picture of how your specific challenges interfere with your ability to maintain gainful employment.

Doctor’s Letters Should Give a Detailed Explanation of Your Condition

A doctor’s letter needs to explain your overall disability or medical condition while providing objective medical facts about your condition, such as:

  • The date you received a formal diagnosis of your disability or medical condition
  • The date that you became unable to work because of your medical condition or disability
  • The specific medical procedures involved in diagnosing your condition
  • The medical procedures the doctor used to rule out other similar medical conditions
  • A detailed list of your current symptoms
  • Specific examples of how your symptoms affect your daily life
  • Specific examples of how your symptoms affect your ability to work
  • The medical treatments you need to manage your condition
  • Your ability to function normally on a day-to-day basis in your work and personal life
  • The prognosis of your medical condition or disability over time

Doctor’s Letters Should Specify Your Physical and Mental Limitations

Your doctor’s letter should include as many specific examples of your mental and physical limitations as possible. The Social Security claims examiner is evaluating whether your medical condition prevents you from gainful employment. Claims examiners will not approve your application if they do not have concrete evidence that your medical condition limits you to the point that you can’t return to your job or a similar job. The doctor’s letter should include specific examples of limitations, such as:

  • Your limited ability to stand, sit, crouch, balance, walk, kneel, and bend
  • The amount of weight you can lift or carry
  • Your ability to engage in repetitive tasks
  • Your ability to do routine tasks
  • The use of your hands and arms to reach, grasp, or lift items
  • Your range of motion
  • Cognitive challenges such as grasping, lifting items, and reaching
  • Your reflexes
  • Sensory issues with sight, hearing, or touch that affect your ability to work

The Importance of Working With Your Personal Doctor

You can submit multiple doctor’s letters to the Social Security Administration. For example, if you have multiple doctors treating you, you could include a letter of support from each of them. Submitting multiple letters can help in some cases. However, the doctor writing your letter should be deeply familiar with your case. The best doctor to write your letter of support is your primary care doctor or a specialist that you visit regularly, not just once or twice a year.

Your regular physician will have more knowledge of your condition and how it affects your day-to-day life. Social Security claims examiners consider how long the doctor who wrote the letter has been treating you and whether or not you have a long-standing relationship with the doctor. The more appointments and time you spend with the doctor, the more detail your doctor can provide about how your condition limits your day-to-day life.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Sometimes medical doctors are hesitant to put together a letter of support for a social security disability claim. Many doctors work under significant time restraints. However, certain forms will help him or her with the process. For example, a doctor can use a residual functional capacity form to evaluate your medical condition related to performing basic work tasks.  Gathering all of the necessary evidence to submit a disability application can be overwhelming. Still, the professionals at Roeschke Law, LLC Las Vegas are here to help you throughout the whole process. 

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