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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Included in Compassionate Allowances List

When someone suffers from a disability that prevents them from working, it can be difficult to make ends meet. That’s where Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can greatly help. A disability for purposes of receiving SSD benefits is defined as the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity due to a physical or mental impairment that will either result in death or is expected to continue for at least 12 months.

The Disability Must Prevent You from Gainful Employment

However, it is not enough to prove that you have a disability; you must also prove that the disability is what prevents you from gainful employment. Because of this, the process of applying and being approved for SSD benefits can take some time. 

Unfortunately, for some people, the time that it takes to be approved (or denied) can be costly. For this reason, the Social Security Administration (SSA), which is responsible for deciding on SSD benefits, has a list known as Compassionate Allowances. 

Approval on Confirmation of Medical Diagnosis

The severe medical diseases and conditions on this list are automatically considered to meet the SSA’s standards for receiving SSD benefits, therefore making the applicant more likely to be approved for benefits. Since these conditions are so severe, the applications are generally granted on the confirmation of the medical diagnosis. This helps to expedite the payment from months to weeks or even days. 

All someone with one of these Compassionate Allowances needs to do to qualify is to submit a standard application for SSD benefits. The SSA’s software can identify applications with conditions listed as Compassionate Allowances and will prioritize them.

DMD Joins Other Types of Muscular Dystrophy on Compassionate Allowances List

The SSA has added Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) to its Compassionate Allowances list. It should be noted that other types of muscular dystrophy, including Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, Fukuyama congenital muscular dystrophy, and merosin deficient congenital muscular dystrophy (LAMA2-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy) have all been included as Compassionate Allowances since 2020. 

The SSA’s list of Compassionate Allowances continues to grow based upon research from the National Institutes of Health, consultations with medical and scientific researchers and experts, and feedback from the public. 

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